DOT by Lynn is dedicated to serving the dental community by always striving to be the best. Getting the feedback of past students provides valuable information to help us in our efforts to provide the best training for those who are considering choosing dental assisting as a lifelong profession.

Hear From Kathleen As She Shares Her Feedback About Our Program:


Age: 22

Current City/Town: Elwood

Why did you choose Dental Office Training By Lynn? It was the perfect program where I could get all of the hands-on training I needed in a short amount of time.

Your experience at DOT By Lynn?  It was the best experience ever. I met so many wonderful girls. Lynn and Denise made my learning experience fun and unique to fit my learning style.

What made DOT unique for you?  What made DOT unique for me was the hands-on training experience. I learn best actually doing things with my hands, and I received that kind of training here.

What was your favorite part of your training experience? My favorite part of my training experience was getting to go out into the different specialty offices and finding what path I did and didn’t like.

Was your instruction professional, fun, thorough? Yes!

Are you currently working in the dental profession? Yes.

What type of office are you working in? Periodontist

Name of office? Periodontal Specialists of Indiana – Noblesville

How long did it take you to find a job? 2 months

Do you feel you are well compensated? Yes

Are you glad you chose this field, Why?  Yes because it lets me work hands-on with patients. I love getting to know them, and I love how grateful and appreciative they are once the treatment phase is complete.

What is your schedule like? Monday 7:30-5, Tuesday 7:30-5, Thursday 7:30-5, Friday 7:30-1

Favorite part of your job?  Interacting with clients, schedule, pay, teammates, etc? I love everyone in my office, which makes the job even more fun.

Would you recommend Dental Office Training By Lynn to others, Why? Yes. You will get the one-on-one, hands-on training you need in a short amount of time. You will feel prepared as you enter the dental field and start your career.

If you are a DOT graduate and would like to share your experience, please email us at