Getting the feedback of past students provides valuable feedback to help our NEW entry level dental assistant program in our efforts to provide the best training for those who are considering choosing dental assisting as a lifelong profession here in Fort Myers, Florida!

Hear From Airien As She Shares Her Feedback About Our Program:

Age: 21

Current City: Cambridge City

Why did you choose Dental Office Training By Lynn? The hands on training was the eye catcher for me. Then on top of that it was only 12 weeks…. “How is this even possible,” I thought to myself!  I knew this program was for me the moment I walked in to the facility.

Describe Your experience at DOT By Lynn? The best teaching experience EVER!!!!!! Two great talented and ambitious ladies trying to change the dental world by leading the way for successful dental assistants!

What made DOT unique for you? How friendly and how personable Denise and Lynn were. They are both so accepting and will do anything to help make sure you pass. It’s nice to have a teacher who wants you to be as successful as you can be.

 What was your favorite part of your training experience? My favorite part was the expanded functions course….No offense Lynn lol, but it made me feel so independent and talented because I knew I could do it. I definitely felt more determined and motivated after that first class 1 filling.

Was your instruction professional, fun, thorough? My instruction was all of the above! It was fun and very professional when the time was needed.

Are you currently working in the dental profession? Yes I currently work in the dental profession. I am a EFDA/Surgical Dental Assistant.

What type of office are you working in? I work for a periodontist.

Name of office? Implant Dentistry and Periodontics

How long did it take you to find a job? 2 weeks when I actually started looking

Do you feel you are well compensated? Decently

Are you glad you chose this field, Why? Yes, I wouldn’t trade the dental field for the world.

What is your schedule like? I am full time. I work Monday Tuesday Thursday and 2 Fridays a month.

Favorite part of your job: Interacting with clients, schedule, pay, teammates, etc? It is very team oriented, it keeps you on your toes. It is never the same thing. I love my patients I love seeing the results from the beginning to the end. It is so awesome to know that I have taken part in changing somebody’s life.

Would you recommend Dental Office Training By Lynn to others, Why? I would totally recommend Dental Office Training by Lynn to everyone who has ever taken, thought, or is in the dental assisting field.

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