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You spoke, we listened and that’s the TOOTH!



Meet your Instructor: 

Anette Hancock with 35 years’ experience, and 6 years at Dental Office Training by Lynn teaching the Expanded Functions Dental Assisting course (EFDA) has now stepped into the role of the Clinical Director of the EFDA program. We at DOT are so thrilled that she has brought with her new innovative ideas on how to advance our program into new heights of dentistry today. Her focus is on less classroom time and more clinical time. Thus, giving you the confidence and skills needed to excel in the dental profession.. She has revised and condensed the program to meet all the requirements you need to step into an EFDA position with confidence and skills needed to excel in dental offices of today. We are the pioneers of dental assisting schools and we never stop striving to be the leader in advancing you into a rewarding life-long career. We hope to see you in class soon!!

What’s new about our EFDA course?



After careful consideration of the fundamental core values of the modern expanded functions dental assistant, Annette has condensed our program into simply 3 weekends in a row. She has determined that the more hands-on clinical aspect of the program could be embellished and honed in on to provide a more effective and direct teaching method. From this point forward, we will be spending MORE TIME IN THE CLINIC and LESS TIME IN THE CLASSROOM! Annette feels that the more interactive and participatory students can be, the BETTER they will be! Most dental assistants who elect to enroll in our EFDA program already have a basic understanding of tooth structures, quadrants and dentitions. Therefore, we spend minimal time reviewing the basics and maximal time with one-on-one, applied clinical instruction.. 

What does an EFDA do?

Our expanded functions program covers amalgam and composite restorations of all cavity classes, sealants and temporary crowns (optional).

Your instructors SHOW you instead of TELLING you. They take the time to demonstrate the proper way to layer and place restorative materials. Other expanded functions dental assisting courses rely heavily on textbooks – we are going in the opposite direction! We are taking away the unessential aspects of learning a trade. Learning a hands-on skill requires hands-on experience. Upon completion of our EFDA course, you will walk back into your dental office with the capabilities of a competent expanded functions dental assistant.

When do you host EFDA classes? 

At Dental Office Training by Lynn (a trade/technical school), we host Expanded Functions Dental Assisting courses three times per year in Fishers, Indiana. Typically there is a Spring, Summer, and Fall session. If you are interested in enrolling for our EFDA program, give us a call, submit a form on our website, or message us on Facebook/Instagram.

Dental Office Training by Lynn has been an established technical school for over 18 years. We work with hundreds of dental offices all throughout the state of Indiana. If you are looking for the highest quality of education to better yourself, consider us one of the best options out there. Schedule a tour of the facility to see if we are a right fit for you!


If you’d like to enroll in our program give us a call at 317-585-9015.

Start your new journey to becoming a dental assistant today, by contacting Lynn Uptgraft.

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