Maintaining good oral health is more important than you can imagine. Oral health is deeply connected with our overall health, and this is what we would be exploring in our blog post today.

Medical researchers are finding new elements where the importance of having a good oral health is being fortified further. A poor oral hygiene can lead to diseased gums. Such a condition can cause many medical issues like preterm labor, increased chances of heart attack, stroke and poorly controlled diabetes.

They say that your mouth is the window to your body.

A mouth can reveal a lot about your overall health and what could be going inside it from a medical point of view. Conditions like AIDS and diabetes are often detected by issues of mouth.

Mouth is the first place which gets flawed in case of an impending disease like diabetes or AIDS. The first symptoms of such diseases are often detected in the mouth. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90% of all systemic diseases produce oral signs and symptoms. We think this statement alone should be enough to showcase the importance of maintaining your oral health!

Another good reason to keep your mouth healthy is your saliva.

Doctors can use your saliva to detect numerous medical conditions. They can only do so if you keep your mouth in a perfectly good state of health. For example, Cortisol levels in the saliva are used to detect stress response in newborn children. Saliva can also be used to detect and diagnose osteoporosis in women. Hence, this is another good reason to have a healthy mouth and oral health.

Saliva is basically there to aid digestion, but it also helps in combating infections. We know this for a fact that many infectious diseases can enter through our mouth. If we have a healthy mouth, the saliva will also be healthy enough to combat the pathogens. So, for the sake of fighting deadly diseases, one should keep good oral health.

Oral conditions like gingivitis, periodontitis and trench mouth are really harmful to the human body. They can lead to so many medical complications. We will tell you why. Under normal circumstances, we do bruise our mouth daily while brushing and flossing. A healthy mouth can handle this. However, when the mouth is infected, the story is different. The immunity at the oral level is already low and the mentioned diseases can seep the bacterial infection into the blood hence making a person really sick.

There are many instances where a person with a bad oral health issue has been admitted to a health facility for the related complications. Long-term gum infection can also have serious repercussions on a person. Plaque, if left untreated, can be a contributing factor for preterm labor, heart attacks, and related conditions and poorly controlled diabetes.

We hope that by reading this blog post, it would be pretty much clear to you that having a good oral health is really more important than you originally thought.

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