Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. It may seem cliché but it’s really true. If you find yourself at a fork in the road, make a decision that could lead you down a rewarding life long career in a timely fashion. Find a career that you’ll love. Dental assisting careers offer a plethora of different avenues. Do you have a passion to help others?  Creating beautiful smiles is one way to not only provide confidence and self esteem in others but it helps create a new you also!

Several factors play a role when deciding if your job has hit a dead end and when you need to take action. 

1. Goals-  Goals are extremely important in your career and may indicate you’re moving in the right direction. Set your own goals in addition to the company’s goals. Try to set personal goals to exceed office expectation and pursue those goals in a moral, professional manner.  Your employer will notice your hard work! If the office wants to increase sales by 5%, you may set a goal to increase your personal sales by 6%. Different careers will yield different goals but the underlying concept should remain the same, desire to achieve higher and pursue more than the average person.  To be average is easy. You are destined to achieve higher and live a life that produces satisfaction in all areas of you life! You may be at a fork in the road if your employers don’t consistently set goals and help deliver pathways to achieve.

2. Routine-  It is perfectly fine, and many times even fulfilling to have a routine that you complete every day. However, if your career doesn’t offer any sort of variance from the mundane everyday task of performing, this could be a sign of a dead-end job. A great profession should offer an opportunity to advance your position. Your routine should consist of improving and achieving the ability to prove that you have what it takes to provide skills that propels you to the next level.

3. Skill-  Are you being utilized to your fullest potential.  Don’t settle for a career in which your abilities aren’t being utilized or challenged to advance your career. Dentistry is a profession that continuously changes with new products, techniques, and software.  The digital and technical world is playing a huge role in dentistry and continuing education seminars with your staff is a great avenue to bond and learn exciting new skills. 

Not everyone will be able to find a career that they love, but YOU can. We offer a different kind of career path in dental assisting that is in great demand and is very fulfilling. For information about our classes…call 317.585.9015.