Why are Dental Assisting Careers Growing?

The future seems to be really glorious for those who want to pursue dental assisting as a career option. As the older dental surgeons are retiring and getting replaced with young blood so the chances of these young dentists hiring an assistant are getting bigger. As a matter of fact, dental assisting as a career option is the fastest growing employ ability avenue in the coming decade.

One more point to be noted here is that the public, in general, is becoming more aware of dental issues, hence there is a surge in actual demand of dentistry as a medical service. They say if there is a demand then there has to be an adequate supply to meet those demands. Same is the logical truth that stands the ground for dental assisting as a very lucrative career option. To put in the simplest of words. Dental assistants are in demand and are needed to fuel the growth of dentistry as a service.

Dental assistants play a pivotal role in conducting dental procedure and providing dental care to the patients. They are instrumental in the entire dental setup. From scheduling appointments to helping the dental surgeon in conducting surgery, dental assistant has multiple roles to play.

The demand for dental assistants is further fueled by expansion in services and growing focus on boosting the efficiency of this profession. The role of dental assistant in increasing by manifolds because special emphasis is being laid on dental surgeons for delivering more. This means that they will just be minding their own business and the rest of the necessary work will be done by the assistants.

Another reason that dental assisting is growing, because in a way its a job opted by passionate people. Becoming a dental assistant or learning the trade is also flexible. You have an option of attending formal training for the same or you can also opt for an on the job training option with a practicing dentist. The job also offers flexible working hours, you can either opt to work full time or you can also work part-time. Pay packet is also good. In 2016 the median pay packet for a dental assistant was 36,940 USD approx. That's another reason why it is catching up as one of the most aggressively growing career option.


On an average, an American citizen will work till the age of 60. This means as a young guy looking to make a career choice, you have to choose a job which you can sustain for a very long period of time. Needless to say that the job option you choose should be well paying and should have a moderate level of work-related stress and obviously you should enjoy it too. So here is another bright reason as to why dental assisting is growing as a career. Making a career is not a simple process. You have to enjoy your work and you should be consistent in your work.