• Almost half of the kids in the United States have cavities before they begin School.
  • Children with With no oral Health Care are more likely to miss school.
  • One in five children go without dental visits.
  • ER visit costs for dental complaints in the year 2010 was two billion dollars.

Till now we have been discussing the role of a dental assistant in creating an efficient dental clinic. However, today we would be discussing something a little bit offbeat. Today, through our blog post, we would like to highlight and emphasize the role of routine dental care for children.

Good oral hygiene for children starts from their birth.

Whether your child is breastfed or bottle fed it’s always a good habit to clean his/her gums properly. This will enable the child to pick up good oral hygiene techniques even before first teeth come. Once the teeth start to come, it’s always a good idea to introduce toothbrush and other relevant tools to your kid early. This will go a long way in ensuring that your child is practicing good oral hygiene.

Your child’s first dental clinic visit should be by the age of one. A good pediatric dental clinic will ensure that there is no plaque formed in the oral cavity of the child. If ignored, the same plaque can be a hotbed for growing bacteria and other parasites which could potentially harm the health of your child. A dentist visit will also ensure that there is no food debris present in your child’s mouth. It will also ensure that if there are any dental complications present in your child, they would be detected and cured early.

Visiting a pediatric dentist also ensures that you get professional feedback on your child’s present dental condition, and also proper tips which will help ensure that your child always has the best oral health possible. At the beginning of the blog post, we have mentioned the point where it says that children with no oral health care are likely to miss more school. That’s very true and the reason for that specific statement is that children are more prone to getting cavities. Cavities, if not treated properly, will definitely lead to many painful complications for the child. In fact, poor oral health is one of the major cause of children’s skipping school. To everyone’s amazement even in a developed nation like us, 1 out of 5 children are not going to see a dentist at the right time. We need to change this because good habits have to start early.

Pediatric dental care also ensures that you are actually following the right hygienic habits that you need to incubate inside your child. A good pediatric dental surgeon will be the right person who can guide you on daily brushing schedule, flossing schedule and any other oral hygiene schedule that you need to follow for your child. Good dental hygiene is a must for every human being.

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