In any profession, it is important to be able to collaborate and work effectively with your colleagues. Even more so, it is critical that you have a positive working relationship with your boss. Everyone has probably had a terrible boss at some time and it certainly makes going to work that much harder. You cannot control how your boss responds to you; however, you can control your actions and behaviors to leave a positive impression on your boss. Having a positive relationship with your boss will make your day-to-day work life so much easier. Here are some tips for getting on your boss’ good side.

Excel At The Basics

A little effort truly does go a long way. The easiest way to win favor with your boss is to excel at the most basic requirements of your job. These may all sound like common sense solutions, but you would be surprised at how uncommon they are in the workplace. First, be on time – Showing up is really half the battle. No one wants to hear excuses for why you are late. You are getting paid to be somewhere at a certain time, so be there. Second, follow all standard operating procedures (SOPs) – whether this is wearing the appropriate attire or submitting your time card on time, it is crucial that you adhere to the expected policies of your workplace. Third, be professional – it is fine, and encouraged, that you be friendly with your co-workers, but that does not mean you should necessarily act or speak to them like they are your friends from outside work. You never know what someone might find offensive, or inappropriate, so it is best for you to err on the side of caution. Treat people with respect. If you wouldn’t say (or do) a certain thing in front of your mother or in church, it is safe to say that you shouldn’t say it at work.

Make The Extra Effort

In order to foster a long-term career, it is vital that you develop good relationships with your management. In many different work environments, continual success depends on who you know (and how well they know you) versus what you know. If a boss simply doesn’t like you, it is much more unlikely that they will consider you for the next promotion or a raise. So how can you go that extra mile to build a strong relationship with your boss? First, maintain a positive attitude – if you act like you don’t want to be there, everyone will assume it is true. Second, be a team-player. Show that you can not only work well independently, but as a team member. Offer to take someone’s shift or be their backup when they are on vacation, if necessary. Third, take on extra work. Sure, you might not be getting paid to take on extra work right now, but it will pay off in the long-run. The extra effort you put in now is an investment in your career and your future earning potential.