Four Things You Wish People Knew about Dental Assistants

If you visit a dentist, you interact with a dental assistant. Even the smallest dental practice has at least one of these invaluable professionals. However, the public's perception and understanding of what a dental assistant does is murky at best. In an attempt to clarify their job responsibilities, below are four things that dental assistants wish dental patients knew about their position.

1. Dental assistants don't clean your teeth.

Dental assistants are frequently confused with dental hygienists. Dental assistants help with x-rays, cleaning instruments, assisting the dentist during treatment and help with post operative procedures. 

2. Dental assistants are an essential and vital part of dental offices.

The dentist provides the treatment and the dental assistant provides a multitude of duties that occur before during and after the appointment. 

3. Being a dental assistant is a long-term career that can reap many benefits, in or outside the office.

In fact, a dental assisting career is one of the fastest growing career choices in the United States. See what you can expect to earn as a future dental assistant. HERE

4. Many patients depend on dental assistants to help communicate more effectively with the dentist.

Personal relationships with your patients help them feel confident and secure with treatment plan options. 

While there are more than 300,000 dental assistants in the United States, according to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, this position is largely not well known by the public. The next time you visit the dentist, understand the essential role of these professionals. Make your dental visit the best experience yet. 

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