You've Got Sunshine!

No matter where you work, you, like everyone else, can be subject to a bad day. However, having a bad day does not necessarily mean you have to have a bad day at work. Although it may sometimes be difficult, it is important to keep your spirits lifted at work because not only will your work improve, but your working relationships will be better, and you will find yourself experiencing more and more success in the workplace. A bad day may be out of your control, but how you respond to it is not.


Below you can find some easy ways to brighten your mood at work.


Take a little time in the morning –

A positive attitude is a habit that can be built over time. For most people, having a positive attitude at work is going to require some work. Take time each morning and set your goals for the day. Give yourself a minute of rest before you start your workday. Take a moment and find/listen/watch something that will put a smile on your face. It makes it easier to carry a positive mood throughout your workday when you start your day with a little bit of positivity.

Workplace Hurdles - 

It’s highly unlikely that stress is somehow magically going to disappear from the workplace; therefore, it is critical to maintain a positive attitude. Obstacles do not have to be something negative. Try viewing obstacles/stress has a challenge instead of a problem.  One thing you can try is making a list of the things/problems/people that might put you in a bad mood at work. Simply by identifying the things that put you in a negative state of mind, you can begin to think of strategies for overcoming these obstacles in a positive manner. 

Great Expectations –

The importance of managing your expectations and the expectations of your coworkers cannot be overstated. The more you expect yourself to have a good day, the more you are going to be willing to handle stress and obstacles in an effective manner. Additionally, moods can certainly be contagious in the workplace. You should make an effort to remain positive if you find a coworker having a bad day and/or being negative. Furthermore, managing expectations is a tool you can use to help mitigate stress. If you know what to expect from your work (boss, coworkers, assignments, etc.), and they know what to expect from you, the chance of stressful situations arising is likely to decrease. 

Break the Cycle –

One of the biggest “mood-killers” at work is monotony. Most jobs require the employee to carry out the same series of tasks day after day, year after year. Although this predictability can be comforting and provide a sense of security, it can also lead to frustration, boredom, and flat-out negativity. One way to break up the monotony, and brighten your mood, is to change up your routine throughout the workday. Take your break at a different time. Go for a short walk outside if the weather is nice. Have lunch with a co-worker you don’t know well. Challenging yourself to find ways to continually keep yourself interested in your work is a surefire way to help increase your positivity. 

Remember, on cloudy days, You’ve Got Sunshine.