Why DOT?

You've made a great choice to enter the field of dentistry; however, now you have to choose the best route for reaching your goal. There are plenty of options out there, but if you are like most people, you want to start your new career as soon as possible. Therefore, you have some decisions to make. Should you opt for a two year dental assisting school? Is there anything else available that would give you the same, if not better, experience in less time?

A Two Year Dental Assisting School versus Dental Office Training by Lynn (DOT)

A two year dental assisting program obviously takes up a lot more of your time. Two years, and a lot of unnecessary credits later, you’ve got yourself a degree. Then there's the issue of cost. Two years of classroom instruction will cost significantly more, compared to a 12-week program that teaches the critical concepts that are relevant and updated in today’s practice. Consider opting for the alternative. Dental Office Training by Lynn versus paying for a two year dental assisting school can provide you with the hands-on experience you otherwise might not be able to get. Dental Office Training is a faster paced course that is condensed into 12 weeks (252 hours) and only three days per week. 

Training From Experienced Instructors and Practicing Dentists

DOT instructors Lynn Uptgraft and Denise McDonald have over 75 years of experience combined working in the dental field. They have the best tips, tricks, and trades to help everyone master the skills needed to be a successful dental assistant. 

Intense Hands-On Experience with the Latest Technology

At DOT, you are exposed to the latest technology, materials and standard procedures used across the state. Learn how to master impressions, restore a tooth to a natural and healthy state, and take radiographs to expose decay or other problems. Aside from our assisting program, we offer expanded functions (EFDA) which allows an assistant to be more independent and knowledgeable in the workplace. The additional training from the EFDA course can provide more opportunities for employment and looks great on a resume.

Fully Accredited Course

Our DOT course includes: software training, patient charting, treatment planning, office etiquette and much more..We are an ISDH accredited radiology program as well as fully accredited by the State Workforce Innovation Council, Office for Career and Technical Schools.

Job Networking Opportunities + Convenient Location

We are conveniently located in Fishers, Indiana right off of I69 on 96th Street; we welcome students from all over! We work with dentists from all over the state, our DOT grad’s never have trouble finding an office they feel comfortable in. Included in the 12-week program are 5 days of “observation” from the areas that you desire to work in. Our students love getting out into the different offices to find a perfect match for their personality type. Please feel free to visit our office anytime. We'd love to give you a personal tour of our DOT facility.

Radiology License Form Preparation Assistance and More

After you've completed your DOT training, we will assist you in preparing all the forms you need to get your permanent radiology license. In class you will receive your provisional radiology license, which usually lasts for about 6 months while you schedule to take your final exam to aquire your permanent license. We go over all of the admissions forms you will need to take the DANB/RHS exam so you can be fully prepared to go into the workforce

The Bottom Line

Don't waste two years of your life at a dental assisting college when you could save time, money, and get a better more hands-on experience from our 12-week assisting program.

Want more information? Contact us today and let us help you fast track your dental assisting career. 317.585.9015