Meet The 2016 Summer Graduates

An Ode to the Summer Class of 2016 by Lynn

Jenna's laugh is contagious.  Her entire body laughs when she laughs and she laughs a lot!! Brooke's endless thoughts about food is hysterical, weighing in at I'm guessing about 90 lbs. Erika's grins make me smile, you have to watch those back row girls!  Rachel's singing is unbelievably good and her positive energy lights up a room. Brittany is just plain ole quiet but doesn't miss a thing.

 I will continue because this class has been one to remember.  Laura has a strength that endures more than one should.  I'm never really sure what Andrea is thinking but I have a pretty good idea! One thing is for sure, she is always determined to get it right! Heather cracks me up ...she's real and will tell you all about it!! McKenzie is so sweet and her love for dogs prove it, you can see it in her eyes.  Then there are the 2 Ashley's.  They ended up picking seats right next to each other on the first day. Both are blondes (2 blondes are better than one) and both are very caring, loving individuals that would give you their shirts off their backs.  Ashley O. Is my radiology girl.  She loved it from day one. Dedicated and energetic. Ashley E. Is our comforter, our spiritual inspiration, our cheerleader and her smile will melt your heart.  Sweet, sweet Brandi, I hope you are CONFIDENT and believe in yourself, you have so much to offer an employer!! Michelle, my front row girl that had to put up with me piling things on her desk!  She has such a gentle, kind,spirit. Ask her about molars and Biting forces!! Mom Amanda, she kept us all on track in and out of the classroom.  And finally James, Jimmy, JJ, da man!!! Your smile,kindness and willingness to put up with 14 women everyday amazed me!! You threw stereotypes and barriers out the window and I'm so proud that you helped maintain the highest of DOT standards and will be representing DOT in the field of dentistry.

"It's been such an honor and pleasure to help lead this group into a career that will provide opportunities for growth and security.  We hope you will always excel, and continue to set the standard higher and dream bigger.  DOT’s door is always open with open arms!!  Go get'em!!   We're gonna miss you!!" Founder, Lynn Uptgraft

meet the graduates: 

Hear from the graduates and their experience with our program

Why did you choose Dental Office Training By Lynn?

"I wanted a program that could help me achieve my dreams of becoming a dental assistant faster and Dental Office Training By Lynn was just the place!"-Rachel Clark

What made DOT unique for you?

"Lynn and Denise are welcoming, and so willing to share their dental knowledge!" -Laura Zimmerman 

Are you glad you chose this program, Why?

"Yes, because I felt the program was created to help everyone learn and it was very helpful at times when I was confused." -McKenzie Sprague

What made DOT unique for you? 

"Mostly everything we have done through the program has been hands on." -Ashley Oberle

Would you recommend Dental Office Training By Lynn to others, Why?

"I would highly recommend DOT, come in and check them out and you will know why!" -Brooke Hamman