Dental Office Training by Lynn – A True Testimonial

DOT has soared its way up to being one of the most talked about and revolutionary dental schools in the state of Indiana. Lynn’s students rave about their enjoyment and success following their completion of the course. They leave feeling prepared, educated, and downright proud of their accomplishments. DOT is setting the new standard and redefining what it means to be a dental assistant. 

Lynn started her school 10 years ago, and continues to amaze everyone with her teaching ability. A few years into running the school, she met another incredible woman named Denise McDonald. Denise is the matrix band to her tofflemirer (dental assisting joke). They became outstanding coworkers and friends, and combined they are unstoppable. 

I bet if you run into any of her students on the street and you ask them about the “Cusp of Carabelli” they will tell you that one day it is going to be an island, and Lynn will be the gatekeeper - don’t worry, you’ll get it once you take the course. I digress, let’s hear some testimonials from her students from as far back as 2007!

I loved that Lynn’s training got to the point and taught me what I needed to know, instead of me just memorizing a book...I have been in the oral surgery field for almost 4 years now and I actually LOVE going to work
— Nicole (2007)
Lynn and Denise are great teachers and will do anything they can to help you be successful! I can’t say enough good about the program. It was the best decision I’ve made! 3 months long and it didn’t waste my time or money!
— Tonia (2010)
The course was very hands-on and insightful, also Lynn is flexible when letting students shadow different offices. DOT has changed my life, thanks DOT!
— Cheryl (2009)
They are the most wonderful women who inspire me in more ways than one!
— Heather (2013)
I’m a recent graduate from DOT BY LYNN and got my first dental job within a week of graduation. This program will change your life. I learned so much! Every single detail that they show you, tell you, and give to you will help you succeed in your career. I’ve observed in a few offices where they didn’t know about this program and they were amazed on how much I knew and how confident and comfortable I was with procedures and instruments! Being in this program was the best thing that happened to me! And the teachers are really awesome and fun!
— Maggie (2014)

See Some Pictures Over The Years! 

On behalf of everyone who has taken the course, THANK YOU! Here’s to 10 more years of inspiring people to be the best they can be.  Contact us below for more details about the program.