How To Win Your Dental Assistant Interview?

Preparing for an interview can make you a little nervous just as any other job interview would. If you truly want to go into this field, there's no need to be nervous though. Here's what you need to know for acing your interview with small and medium dental practices.

Identify what makes you a great fit for this role.

Regardless of the job, most employers are looking for people who are passionate - be able to explain what makes you passionate about the job. Do you have a personal reason for choosing dentistry? Did you choose this field because it is interesting to you? 

You are a healthcare professional now, and in healthcare the patient’s best interest is always our #1 priority. Explain why helping people take care of their oral health is important to you. Sharing anything you like about dentistry is great, it helps an employer get to know if you would be a good fit for that particular office.

Explain what you're looking for in a job.

Not everyone likes the same type of work environment, and that’s okay! Be honest and explain what type of environment you work best in, that way you and your potential employer can determine if you would mesh well with the office. 

Look Up Information Prior to your Interview

Read the practice's website – this should have information about procedures, office pictures, and a general history of how the practice came about. Look up LinkedIn profiles, health grades, and accreditations the doctor has. Does this practice participate in any community health initiatives like providing mobile dental services to low-income neighborhoods or making outreach efforts that other dental practices haven't tried?

Discuss what you liked reading about with the interviewer and how it aligns with your goals and values, and why you feel you could contribute a great deal to the dentistry field by working at their practice.

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